My name is Hung Pham. I work at Eureka Robotics. We are a fast-growing robotics start-up with offices in Singapore, France, Vietnam and Japan. Reach out if you are interested in what we do. Feel free to drop me an email or connect with me on LinkedIn.

This site

This website is my personal blog. In here you can find a list of random, unpolished and badly written notes!

My research and work

I obtained a PhD in Robotics from NTU, Singapore. My interests lie in motion planning and control for robots. I investigate algorithms that can plan dynamically feasible motions for robots and also control strategies that allow optimal executions.

I used to spend a great deal of time recently working on toppra – a library for planning fast motion for industrial robots. The algorithm can account for dynamic constraints such as joint torques, friction force or suction force from suction cup. See this video for a demonstration of a robot picking objects using suction cup at the fastest possible speed. The relevant papers can be found here and here.